We've been traveling all over the world. So we wanted to make a guesthouse in Kyoto some day.

Why Kyoto? Because after travelling we again realized that Kyoto which was old capital for 1,000 years was one of the most charming cities in the world. Kyoto is where you'll find the Japan of your imagination.

Now dream comes true, we made a base for travellers like us to share the experiences.

We concern that communication and information is top priority. In addition we take care of cleaness, good sleep and comfortable in our GH.

We made a building to feel the Kyoto's traditional townhouse like KOSHI (lattice work), MUSHIKO-MADO(upstairs lattice window), ICHIMONJI-GAWARA(roof), SYOKI-san(household gurdian), TSUBONIWA(a small garden) and so on. We hope that our guests choose us because of not only the rates but the atomoshphere.

What's ROUJI?

ROUJI means small alley. We hope that our guests enjoy not only the main street but another way to live this world. Just relax, and then discover the new values.

About the light

We use the light as a symble of our GH. Why? Because we want the land mark for travellers who is back to Kyoto again, is go back to the own home after the all over the world travel, is just heading the new jounery and so on.

From Owners

We 're looking forward to seeing you in the near futuer to share the new discover about Kyoto, funny stories about your jouney... We hope that you have a good time with us in Kyoto Guesthouse ROUJIYA.

from owners

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